Send us Money and we Won’t Arrest you….It’s a Scam!!

Send us money and we won’t arrest you!!!
 It’s a scam!!

This has started making it’s rounds again. This time the people trying to pull this off use the name of one of our Chief Deputies…
The Sheriff’s Office does not call people who have warrants and we don’t ask for money to clear them.  If you receive a phone call asking for money or the Sheriff’s Office will arrest you please hang up the phone and call us. Do not give out personal information over the telephone, especially when you didn’t call the person you are talking to.
The two names being used in the current scam are Chief Deputy Kevin Oakley and Sgt Kal Stewart. Chief Oakley does work for the Sheriff’s Office and Sgt Kall Stewart appears to be a law enforcement officer in another state.
Please be alert to telephone and internet scams during the Holiday Season. Be wary of a caller who uses any kind of threat in an attempt to get you to pay a fine or send money.  If you find yourself the victim of a scam this Holiday Season, please report it to your local law enforcement agency.